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20 Unique Gift Ideas for an Aries

Your Aries friend’s birthday is just around the corner, and you want to come up with the ultimate present that would match her personality. Why not select a gift that reflects her zodiac sign? Mars rules Aries. They are the fiercest and boldest people around. In short, your friend is the real-life girl-boss! And what do girl-bosses love? Something bold, something that would make them stand out from the crowd. Bright colors, unique patterns, or something that turns heads immediately. If you want to give your BFF the perfect gift, don’t forget these factors. From clothes to self-care products, there’s plenty to choose from.

1 Mars Watercolor Art Print

Mars is Aries’ ruling planet. It’s where your friend gets that fiery passion. The Mars Watercolor Art Print reflects that fiery nature and also the ruling planet. It’s a combination that hardly goes wrong for Aries.

The stylish watercolor print of Mars will look super-cute when she hangs the painting on the wall.

2Red Ankara Clutch Bag

Red represents Mars. And Mars represents Aries.

Therefore, this beautiful clutch bag can become the perfect gift to impress your Aries friend. It has a mesmerizing Ankara wax print that accents Aries’ unique style.

The bright and bold colors make it the right accessory for date nights, cocktail parties, and dinner plans with her loved ones.

3Zodiac Ring in Aries

If you want to highlight her zodiac specifically, buy the Zodiac Ring in Aries.

It has the Aries zodiac sign imprinted on the ring. Moreover, it comes in white. This can become the trendsetter within a few days because people hardly wear white rings.

Your friend would stand out from the rest if she wears this ring to a party.

4Timberland Boots

Who doesn’t like Timberland Boots!

It’s probably the safest gift for Aries because, irrespective of gender, Timberland Boots is a luxury item for almost everyone. People dream of buying Timberland Boots. Why not make that dream come true by surprising your Aries friend with a pair?

These boots boast of their durability and toughness, something that Aries’ can relate to.

5Rhinestone Heart Drop Earring

Aries’ are bold and flirty, and they know how to love hard.

If you want to express your love to your Aries friend, don’t hesitate to buy the Rhinestone Heart Drop Earring. These simple heart-shaped earrings are the perfect accessory for your friend’s next date night.

She will know what she should wear to make heads turn.

6Boss Hand-Poured Soy Candle

Aries’ are born leaders. And the fragrance of the Boss Hand-Poured Soy Candle will put your friend in charge immediately.

The sweet fragrance of Brazilian coffee is so intoxicating that your friend may end up buying a few more of these after you gift her one.

Better make her a gift basket and buy a few more candles to enable her to use them for weeks.

7Orange Abstract Face Mask

A mask is a necessity these days. But your Aries friend may not like the typical masks that people wear now.

She would like something that can make a statement. And the Orange Abstract Face Mask is just the mask she needs. It is bold, bright, and colorful – the three aspects that define Aries. Honestly, it’s the thought behind the gift that matters and not the money.

This one may seem way below your budget, but your friend will adore the gift with her heart.

8Sabina Makeup Organizer

Other zodiac signs may struggle to organize their things, but Aries’ don’t. Neat and tidy is their motto, and they will keep everything organized to make their homes look nice.

And so, the Sabina Makeup Organizer makes perfect sense.

Your Aries friend can keep her makeup in one place instead of occupying the space in front of the mirror.

9Rose Rounded Sunglasses

Aries prefer to watch the world through tinted glasses. And what better way to fulfill that wish than giving Rose Rounded Sunglasses to your Aries friend!

They will quickly become her go-to accessory as the temperatures rise outside. Don’t worry; the climate will get hotter as soon as she steps out of the house wearing these shades.

10Aries Room Art

Bright colors, abstract patterns, and the Aries zodiac sign imprinted in the background – it’s a greedy combination that any Aries would like to have.

You can impress your friend with this Aries Room Art. It has an Aries illustration on a red (Mars color reference) lady with a RAM symbol in the background hiding in plain sight.

11African Wax Print Drum Lampshade

Millennial pink or soothing beige isn’t what Aries prefer in their homes. They want something bright that would attract everyone’s attention immediately. And the African Wax Print Drum Lampshade is just the attention-grabber that you can think of.

This handmade lamp can go with any décor. In fact, she can use it in her bedroom, dining room, living room, or hallway.

12Celestial Constellation Necklace

Aries aren’t the ones who like subtle gifts, but this Celestial Constellation Necklace is a must-have for those who love showing off their zodiac signs.

It comes in both gold and silver and has cubic zirconia stones embedded on the necklace. Your Aries friend would feel proud to go out wearing her zodiac’s constellation.

13Fjallraven Kånken Mini Backpack

Bright color? Check! Chance of making a style statement? Check! Ability to carry things for a short trip? Check!

Your Aries friend would make the Fjallraven Kånken Mini Backpack her BFF as soon as you give it to her. The bright color will make her stand out when she hits the streets.

14Warrior Pose Yoga Pendant

Aries is bold and go-getters. Your friend will associate the Warrior Pose Yoga Pendant with these characteristics.

Made with 925 sterling silver, your friend will never take this pendant off. It comes in a unique gift box.

The pendant displays why people consider Aries as a sign of power. It is a very meaningful gift that can impress your friend at first sight.

15Fire Engine Red Holographic Nail Polish

Red signifies power. Red signifies fierce nature. And most importantly, red signifies the planetary color of Aries, Mars.

This makes the Fire Engine Red Holographic Nail Polish the best gift for your Aries friend. It has a holographic sparkle without any glitter.

This cruelty and vegan-free nail polish dries quickly, allowing your friend to put on this color at the last minute and go out for parties or date nights.

16Mood Ring

Do you think your friend has frequent mood swings that she is not aware of? This Mood Ring can help her manage her emotions better.

She will know when her behavior is getting out of control. Moreover, this is a unisex ring. You can gift it to either your male or female Aries friend.

17Red Statement Earrings For Her

Again, red is the color that defines Aries’ because of their planetary color. These simple-looking earrings can go with most of her dresses.

The natural druzy gemstone studs look gorgeous once she pairs them with her favorite attire from her wardrobe.

18Aries Zodiac Sign Necklace

Sparkling Swarovski crystals encrusted on an Aries zodiac medallion – how cool is that! The excellent craftsmanship of the Aries Zodiac Sign Necklace is second to none.

Your friend would thank her stars that she has a friend like you who comes up with such thoughtful and gorgeous gifts.

19Electronic Travel Organizer

As already mentioned, Aries like to keep things organized. And that includes their electronic gadgets and accessories, such as mobile phone charger, headphones, USB cables, and pens.

This makes the Electronic Travel Organizer a must-have for your friend. Your friend will love this gift, especially if she travels frequently.

20Hydro Flask Wide-Mouth 32-Oz. Water Bottle

This is another gift for your on-the-go Aries friend.

The Hydro Flask Wide-Mouth 32-Oz. Water Bottle is lightweight and comes with double-walled insulation that keeps her beverage hot for 12 hours and cold 24 hours.

It will be her perfect companion while driving to her office while sipping coffee from this bottle.

Gift Guide and Buying Tips

Buying Gifts for Those Under the Sign of the Ram

The above list will give you an idea of what your friend may like. But how do you categorize your gifts? What are the characteristics that help to find the best gift for your Aries friend? Here are a few pointers that you can keep in mind:

1. Observe the types of clothes she wears

You can make an idea about your friend’s preferred style by observing what she wears daily. If you don’t meet her often, you can check her photos on Facebook or Instagram and buy your gift accordingly. If you want to gift her shoes, make sure you cleverly ask or find out her shoe size.

2. Give practical gifts

Putting a lot of thought before buying a gift may sometimes go against you. You may end up buying something that your friend can’t use. Instead of taking that risk, try to buy something simple and practical. The above list has tons of options that can help you make the right choice. Even inexpensive gifts can mean a lot instead of expensive and impractical gifts.

3. Talk to her about gifts she may like

There’s nothing wrong with confronting Aries’. And if it involves the gift you are planning to buy for your Aries friend, she will like to talk about it in detail. Make a list of all the things she may want to buy soon. You can select one of them as her gift. It takes away the risk of bringing a gift that she will say she likes but secretly doesn’t.

4. Ask about her favorite color

While red is the color of Mars, and most Aries associates it with their zodiac sign, it doesn’t necessarily mean your Aries friend will also like red. You can talk to her about her favorite color or get an idea about the color she likes from what she wears. Accordingly, buy gifts if you want to give something colorful.

5. Check if she has anything from the above list

The best way to shortlist gifts for your Aries friend is to check if she has any of the above items on the list. If she doesn’t, you have a wide variety to choose from.

For more ideas, check out the list of our favorite Zodiac-themed gifts!

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