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14 Best Gifts For An Aquarius

Do you have a friend that likes to tell you that they are an Aquarius? It is very common for people that are into astrology to express how happy they are to have been born under a certain sign. However, you may not know exactly what they will one for a birthday gift, or even a special gift commemorating something they have done. That’s why it’s important to consider all of your options when looking for a gift for an Aquarius. Here are our favorites.

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1 Aquarius Shirts for Women

If your friend is a female, you may want to consider giving them, a teacher that is designed for girls. It will have the symbol of Aquarius, and below that, will be the word Aquarius in bright silver.

There are many different sizes to choose from, and if they are very much into zodiac signs, they will certainly appreciate this special gift. This particular one will be perfect for individuals that are having their birthday.

2Aquarius Astrology Zodiac Wall Art

Wall art is always a great gift to give, especially if it is of interest to the person that will receive it.

For someone that is an Aquarius, wall art that depicts the constellation of Aquarius, and the zodiac sign, is something they will likely love.

his beautiful print will feature the Milky Way in the background, and superimposed upon it will be the constellation with lines and stars to make it stand out. It is something that they can purchase a frame for and hang with pride as it represents their zodiac symbol.

3Women’s Stainless Steel Constellation Necklace

If your friend was born between January 20 and 18 February, this 14 karat gold plated necklace representing the sign of Aquarius will be an instant hit. It’s beautiful, arriving with a card that speaks of this zodiac sign.

It’s also a birthstone necklace, and is also designed for people that have a rebellious and free-spirited. If you have a special person in your life, they will also appreciate commemorating their zodiac sign in this way.

4Black Women Aquarius T-shirt

Giving the gift of the T-shirt is always a safe way to go. This particular one is made up 90% cotton and 10% polyester. Plus, it’s machine washable, and it comes in many colors, plus it can be ordered for men, women, and even kids.

This solid colored T-shirt with the emblem of the zodiac sign will be a favorite with the women that you give this to representing zodiac sign of Aquarius.

5Zodiac Constellation Glow-In-The-Dark Blanket

People that are under the sign of Aquarius tend to have a very open mind. They will also be very interested in the stars. Perhaps they have an interest in astronomy itself, or maybe they are only looking for their constellation in the night sky. They can have all of this and more with this glow-in-the-dark constellation blanket.

This gift idea can be given to men, women, and children. It’s designed to last, and will focus specifically on the constellation of Aquarius which is the sign they were born under.

63D Crystal Aquarius Gift

Laser technology has improved in recent years, allowing innovative business owners to create zodiac signs in pure crystal.

The etching is permanent through the use of a laser, and it looks even better when it’s glowing in the dark. This three-dimensional representation of the sign of Aquarius, along with the name of this zodiac sign, will be a fan favorite for whoever receives it.

This is a 3D gift that anyone will like, and is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and even as a Christmas gift.

7Antique Brass Celestial Zodiac Globe

This globe gift will be appreciated by the person who receives it. Especially for people who are into astrology because it’s focused upon the zodiac signs.

Armillary globes are always beautiful to look at, and this one is engraved, representing all of the signs of the zodiac.

If the person you are giving this to is a fan of ancient history, or if they simply like globes or the signs of the zodiac, this will be a gift worth giving.

8Galaxy Lamps

One of the unique things about those that are born under the sign of Aquarius is that they tend to be very spiritually oriented. In combination with their appreciation for their zodiac sign, you can’t go wrong with an iconic galaxy lamp.

This lamp will light up, revealing the Milky Way galaxy, and is absolutely stunning to behold. Although it may not have their particular sign represented, they will likely appreciate the novelty of this unique gift for any occasion.

9Goldplated Zodiac Necklaces

It is one thing to provide someone with a necklace to represent their zodiac sign. It’s a completely different thing when you are giving them an absolutely immaculate stainless steel horoscope pendant that is representative of Aquarius.

This particular model has an image of a woman that is pouring water from a vase. It is a perfect representation of this zodiac sign, plus all of the other symbols surround this woman in the middle making this the ideal gift for someone that is into astrology.

10Zodiac Sign 925 Sterling Silver Star Charms

It’s always a great idea to look for a unique gift, especially with jewelry, that truly stands out. One of the best options that you have are bracelets and necklaces that can be made from zodiac focused bead jewelry.

In this case, the sign of the zodiac symbol for Aquarius is prominently displayed. It is actually made from 925 sterling silver. It is a very meaningful gift, one that you can give to your son, daughter, friend, or even an acquaintance that is going to be moved by this shockingly immaculate gift.

11Astrotwins’ 2021 Horoscope Book

Instead of giving them a gift that they can wear, or that will go on the wall, it might be more inspirational if you give them a book.

This is particularly true if you were to provide them with this very interesting zodiac sign guide that is focused upon what will happen under each sign for the year 2021.

Everything is mapped out, and it goes into detail about eclipses, the retrograde motion of the planets, and the sun and the moon. If you are interested in giving a gift that and Aquarius will appreciate, you can’t go wrong with this astrology guide.

12Zodiac Trade Star Tapestry

A gift that a teenager would love, or even an adult that enjoys tapestries, will certainly engage with this unique piece of wall decor. It represents the sun, moon, and the many different astrological signs and could be considered a psychedelic piece of wall art.

Whether they are under the sign of Aquarius or not, they will certainly be able to find their symbol. Not only can this be used on a wall, but it could be used as a blanket or bedding.

Uniquely designed, catering to those that enjoy astrology and horoscopes, you will be thanked profusely for finding this unique gift.

13Sterling Silver Zodiac Pendant Necklace

This gift is one of the best pendants on the market right now. It will make a perfect birthday gift for a girl or a woman.

Not only is the necklace made of stainless steel, but there is also a pendant with the heart, through which another pendant will go through representing the sign of Aquarius.

This is so unique, they will absolutely love this hypoallergenic piece of jewelry. It will certainly stand out, especially the rose gold stainless steel from which the entire piece is made.

14Rock Paradise Aquarius Zodiac Sign Kit

If you have a friend or family member that is under the sign of Aquarius, this stone box set will certainly make them happy.

It has healing crystals, birth stones, and charms that they can use to improve their energy or simply appease their need to get yet more healing crystals.

This gift is designed for people that either like to collect rocks or that are interested in moving energy. Regardless of their interest in the stones, it is a unique set, complete with an overview of what each stone will do.

Gift Guide and Buying Tips

Buying Gifts for Those Under the Sign of the Waterbearer

There are certain characteristics or traits that are very common to those that are born under the sign of Aquarius. Although there are people that may share characteristics from other zodiac signs, the following ones are very common.

Those that are an Aquarius were born between January 20 and February 18. They are equated with the elements of air, and the planet Uranus, plus they may like the color of light blue.

Some of their personality traits will include that they are progressive thinkers. They are going to think like an idealist and are often very intelligent.

1. Appeal To Their Sense Of Taste

Each person is going to be very different, even if they have the same zodiac sign. As you are sifting through the many possible gifts, consider what you know about these people and what you believe they would want.

2. Be Practical

Practicality is something that you need to embrace when you are selecting a gift for a friend or family member. Not only should the gift be absolutely wonderful, but it should be something that they will also want to use.

3. Make It Personal

One final thing to consider is that the gift needs to be personal. It could be the most elaborate gift in the world, but if it doesn’t seem like it’s coming from you, it may not be as meaningful. Even the smallest gift in the world can be extremely heartfelt if they feel that you are giving it to them because you think they would use it.

Of all of the gifts that are available, you can choose from the jewelry that has been presented, or you may want to give them the healing rocks instead. It is important to understand a little bit about each person, and then make a decision based upon what you feel will be the best. From the T-shirts to the pendants, and the zodiac tapestry, one of them is going to stand out. Simply choose the one that is most likely to make them very happy once they open your gift up.

For more gift ideas for the Aquarius in your life, check out our list of zodiac and astrology themed gifts.

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