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20 Best Gifts for a Scorpio

Scorpio – the sign of death, taxes, and sex. What do you buy as a birthday gift for your Scorpio friend keeping these three factors in mind? Already scratching your head? Wondering whether it’s best to gift your friend a vial of your own blood, or maybe a pet viper? Scorpios love dark and mysterious things, making it extremely difficult for others to pick unique gifts for them. Moreover, they are unapologetic. If they don’t like your gift, they will tell you right away. Now, how do you bypass all these barriers and come up with a gift that your Scorpio friend will love instantly? Here are a few suggestions you can keep in mind.

1 Sorbus Butterfly Wine Rack

Scorpios like living on the edge. And the Sorbus Butterfly Wine Rack represents that nature accurately. It will be an awesome gift if your friend loves wine (who doesn’t!).

This rack isn’t the most versatile, and that’s the beauty of it. It looks like a butterfly about to fly away.

The appearance of the wine rack is so cool that your friend will like it immediately.

2AISSO Skull Duffel Bag

Scorpio, death, skull – you see where this is going?

Scorpios are not popular as frequent travelers, but they surely like dark symbols. And what better way to showcase a dark symbol than gifting a duffel bag with a human skull print on it!

This bag is ideal for a trip to the gym or weekend getaways.

3Octopus Wine Stopper

Red wine looks like blood, an octopus can suck a person to death, Scorpios love the mysticism of death.

This Octopus Wine Stopper is a tailor-made gift for your Scorpio. She would grab it with both hands and start using it right away. The handcrafted stainless steel stopper has a highly-detailed pewter octopus on top and a rubber gasket in the middle.

It works accurately for all types of wine bottles.

4Bling Tribal Zodiac Scorpion Necklace

Are you thinking of the ideal gift for your Scorpio friend?

Don’t hesitate to buy the Bling Tribal Zodiac Scorpion Necklace. Dark reptiles and insects like scorpions and snakes thrill a Scorpio like no other (black cat is an exception).

Therefore, why not gift your friend a scorpion necklace that she can wear wherever she goes!

5Personalized Scorpio Mug

Personalized coffee mugs are quite common as birthday gifts. But not if you imprint the Scorpio constellation on it.

This personalized Scorpio mug is way different than other customized mugs that you usually see.

It not only comes with the constellation sign, but you can also personalize it further by printing your friend’s name.

6Milk Bar The Ultimate Birthday

While it is true that Scorpios everything dark, but they sure can’t turn away from sweet-tooth helpings.

The Milk Bar The Ultimate Birthday is the epitome of dessert spreads. It consists of a Truffle Dozen Box, a Milk Bar Pie, a 6-inch birthday cake, and a tin of 6 assorted cookies.

If desserts are bliss for your friend, this gift will be her heaven.

7Bohéme Fragrances Wanderlust Collection Candle

This luxurious candle is for your minimalist Scorpio friend who loves sensual and enticing fragrances.

The Bohéme Fragrances Wanderlust Collection Candle captures the scent of sparkling citrus, rose, nag champa, patchouli, clove, sandalwood, white musk, and cardamom.

It will hit the sweet Zen spot of your spiritual friend.

85-In-1 Travel Adapter

Scorpios are not frequent travelers. This means they may not know where to plug their mobile phones or charge their laptops.

This handy 5-In-1 Travel Adapter can come to their immediate rescue by providing charging options for multiple devices.

Your friend can charge her phone, laptop, camera, and tablet simultaneously with this adapter.

9True Heart Intuitive Tarot, Guidebook, & Deck

Scorpios often express their desires to read tarot cards and crystal balls. The True Heart Intuitive Tarot, Guidebook, & Deck can give your friend the ideal start to her reading tarot cards journey. It contains a deck of tarot cards and a guidebook where you can learn which card represents what and how to make predictions. Pretty mysterious, right?

10Scorpio Vinyl Sticker

Want your Scorpio friend to flash her zodiac sign whenever she opens her laptop or takes out her bottle from her bag?

This Scorpio Vinyl Sticker is the ideal gift to show off the Scorpio scorpion. The durable vinyl and tough waterproof laminate protect the stickers from scratches, sunlight, and rain.

She can stick it on her laptop, diary, smartphone, notebook, or car window.

11Hammered Serpent Ring

Movies usually show snakes and scorpions to represent something dark.

Although Scorpios associate themselves with scorpions, they don’t mind snakes also. That makes the Hammered Serpent Ring a peach of a gift.

You can choose between 14k gold or sterling silver. The serpent, hand-forged from metal wire, looks demonic.

12Scorpio Constellation Necklace

What if your friend could wear the Scorpio constellation throughout the year?

That would be a gift worth every penny, right?

The Scorpio Constellation Necklace is one of the most beautiful jewelry pieces that your friend will have in her wardrobe.

The constellation of stars studded with cubic zirconia gemstones looks absolutely gorgeous.

13Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color in Underdawg

Scorpios consider dark-red shades as their favorite colors because they can associate them with blood, death, and darkness.

And therefore, your plan to gift the Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color in Underdawg will make your friend incredibly happy.

It has tons of dark shades, such as oxblood, maroon, and burgundy, giving you a wide range of options to choose from.

14Scorpion Bracelet with Ring

This is another gift with Scorpios favorite symbol – the scorpion. And this time, it’s a big one that dangles from your friend’s wrists and fits into her finger.

Talk about scaring the hell out of people?

That’s what Scorpios like to do in real life. They wear bold stuff. And this Scorpion Bracelet with Ring is as bold as it gets. The huge scorpion reaches from the finger to the wrist.

Just imagine how big it is!

15LED Gala Essential Oil Diffuser

You can often relate Scorpios to crystal balls and tarot cards because of their mysticism.

The LED Gala Essential Oil Diffuser looks like a holographic crystal ball and diffuses essential oil spookily. Your friend can put any scent she prefers. It also comes with 14 colors of light, including 3D effects and diffusion variation.

This can set up the mood for a sensual evening with your friend’s partner.

16Agate Coasters

Although Scorpios have a water sign, they hate water rings on their tables.

This set of 4 coasters made from agate can bring some calm energy into your friend’s mind.

The light-blue ripples will make her think of the water sign, thus balancing her mind from stressful thoughts.

17Body Hero Dry-Touch Oil Mist

According to Stardust, Scorpios’ love warm and sensual scents. The Glossier Body Hero Oil Mist leaves a lingering citrus blossom fragrance on the skin.

Most importantly, it hydrates the skin and keeps it soft and supple.

The oil contains three essential antioxidant-rich oils, such as grapeseed, oats, and sunflower seeds. They keep the skin tight and moisturized.

18Glow in the Dark Zodiac Art

Does your friend love to show off her zodiac sign?

If yes, this Glow in the Dark Zodiac Art will make her feel good.

The glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint lights up the Scorpio constellation as soon as the room becomes dark.

Plus, it doesn’t require too much maintenance. Light dusting of the frame occasionally is enough to keep it clean for years.

19Crystal-Infused Bath Soak

Everyone loves to unwind after a hectic day at work, and Scorpios are no exception.

This Crystal-Infused Bath Soak comes in three types: love, rise, and rest. Each has different fragrances, such as rose, citrus, and lavender, and lemongrass, respectively. You can choose one according to the flavor you think your friend will love.

The bath soaks contain sea salt, Epsom salt, colloidal oats, baking soda, essential oils of vanilla, and calendula petals as the base ingredients.

20Uncommon Goods Wine Soap Set

Scorpios have water sign and feel relaxed and comfortable in luxurious baths.

Uncommon Goods Wine Soap Set collection contains soaps with wine-inspired scents, such as plums, apples, and berries.

The bath soak and wine soap set makes the bathtub the most peaceful place on earth. They can put your friend to sleep for hours.

Gift Guide and Buying Tips

Buying Gifts for Those Under the Sign of the Bull

The above list gives you an idea that it isn’t easy to buy gifts for your Scorpio friend. Each item is unique, and you would usually not pick them (apart from a few) for friends belonging to other zodiac signs. But that’s what makes Scorpios special. You need to use your grey matter to select the best gift for your friend. If you feel that’s tough, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Stick to Dark Colors

Most Scorpios prefer black, while others like dark shades of red. The bottom line is, pick dark colors for your Scorpio friend. Scorpios don’t like colorful gifts. Therefore, stay away from them if you want to impress your friend.

2. Look for Symbols in Their Room

Scorpios don’t shy away from showing off the symbols they love. You may see many Scorpios with scorpion tattoos on their hands or back. If you plan to give a bracelet or ring with a serpent or scorpion design, make sure you check her room or ask about the symbols she prefers. That should give an idea of whether she would like the gift you want to give or not.

3. Know Their Favorite Brand of Self-Care Products

Scorpios are very particular about the brand of self-care products they use. You need to casually slip in the question about her favorite self-care product brands and the types of products she usually buys. This is helpful if you want to buy the bath soak or wine soap set.

4. Focus on Symbols and Icons

Symbols and signs representing darkness and mysticism are an instant hit among Scorpios. Make sure you pick one that your friend can relate to.

For more ideas, check out our list of zodiac and astrology themed gifts.

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