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20 Best Gifts for a Sagittarius

From the astrology perspective, it is not difficult to pick a gift for a Sagittarius. Jupiter rules them. And everyone knows that Jupiter is the planet of positivity. This rubs off on Sagittarians as well. They are notoriously optimistic. You tell them to stay home; they will make arrangements to “travel” from their homes by reading books, watching movies, planning world trips, or even cooking new cuisines. The following gift ideas should help you shortlist the best gifts to impress your Sagittarius friend.

1 Astrology Soap

Soap? As a birthday gift? It may come to you as a surprise but Sagittarians love zodiac soaps.

This special Sagittarius soap will make taking a shower feel like the most comforting thing on the planet for her.

It contains essential nutrients in the form of sorbitan oleate, soybean protein, purified water, safflower oil, glycerine, coloring, sorbitol, palm oil, sodium hydroxide, and fragrance.

2Dainty Gold Sagittarius Necklace

A necklace with the Sagittarius symbol on it? Why not!

Your friend will never stop wearing this gift. It is a 14k gold-filled chain with the Sagittarius necklace right in the middle.

The gold-plated symbol looks charming. It may be small, but that’s what makes the necklace unique.

3African Wax Print Drum Lampshade

Sagittarians want to spread positive vibes wherever they go. And they will do the same when someone comes to their homes.

The African wax print drum lampshade is the perfect gift that reflects the positivity of your friend.

Plus, your friend can use it in any room – bedroom, hallway, dining room, or living room.

4R+Co Spiritualized Dry Shampoo Mist

Sagittarians are usually impatient. They may be the most optimistic people globally, but if something takes too long, they may lose interest in it.

And that’s why the R+Co Spiritualized Dry Shampoo Mist is the ideal gift that can save your friend the time to wash her hair before going out.

She doesn’t have to spend an hour in the shower and another hour more to make her hair look perfect.

5Papier Boho 2021 Planner

Sagittarians like to write down everything on their planner not to miss any appointments, meetings, or parties. It also gives them an idea about which places they shouldn’t go to.

The Papier Boho 2021 Planner is the best place where your Sag friend can write everything down to organize her life.

6Birthdate Candle

Personalized gifts always bring a smile to the faces of Sagittarians.

This Birthdate Candle has an enlivening scent with a base note of narcissus and rose and a middle note of tea tree, water lily, and neroli.

Your friend will slowly drift off to sleep after a few minutes she lights this candle.

7Baggu Go Pouch Set

This is a 3-in-1 gift that your friend can use for different occasions.

The piazza stripes on these bags will make them the ideal companion when your friend goes shopping.

With 3 bags in one pack, your friend will have three big reasons to smile.

8Madewell x Free & Easy® Tie-Dye Hoodie Sweatshirt

You will notice that Sags prefer wearing colorful clothes. They don’t usually stick to a specific color tone for long. It’s the change that keeps them going.

And the Madewell x Free & Easy® Tie-Dye Hoodie Sweatshirt is just the most colorful hoodie you will see today. The wide range of colors, together with the soft fabric, makes this hoodie a great addition to a Sag’s wardrobe.

9Half Moon 4″ Planter

According to Stardust, this Half Moon 4″ Planter can singlehandedly change the décor of your friend’s room.

Sagittarians love to embrace the world and have high eco-friendly sentiments. This gift will relate to that sentiment on a cosmic level. It isn’t too big to take up a lot of space.

The metal finish makes the planter easy to clean; thus, your friend won’t have to clean it too much.

10Mejuri Sagittarius Ring

Want to gift jewelry to your Sag friend but don’t want to break your bank?

Well, this Sagittarius Ring is both stylish and has zodiac sentiments. The Sagittarius constellation sits right on top of the ring that your friend can flaunt in style.

It is made of pure silver but still doesn’t cost as high as you expect.

11Polaroid Originals Now I-Type Instant Camera

There is hardly anyone who would say no to clicking pictures. And with a Polaroid camera in hand, your friend can get immediate prints and hang them on her bedroom wall or stick it on her refrigerator.

The Polaroid Originals Now I-Type Instant Camera is an excellent gift for your poser friend. The point-and-shoot feature will allow her to take pictures of anything just by pointing the camera at it.

12Bearaby Cotton Napper

This is not an outright gift that relates to Sagittarius. You can give this to any friend you want. But it’s the thought behind the gift that matters.

The Bearaby Cotton Napper will keep your friend warm and cozy during chilly winters. It is naturally dyed and made from the softest organic cotton.

With a range of colors available, pick one that you know your friend will love.

13Everlane Transit Bag

Small, sleek, and stylish – the Everlane Transit Bag has it all to become your Sag friend’s BFF. Moreover, this bag has recycled materials, connecting to the eco-friendly emotions of Sagittarians.

It has a 100% recycled polyester and recycled nylon adjustable shoulder strap. Your friend will feel proud to take the bag out as her companion.

14Suitcase Set

Sagittarians love to go on adventure trips. And your friend would give you a giant hug when she gets this suitcase set.

It comes in three sizes, allowing your friend to pack her belongings accordingly for different trips.

The 10-year limited warranty also makes it possible to change the parts for free if anything isn’t working properly.

15Heated Back Massager

Like the cotton blanket, this gift doesn’t necessarily relate to Sagittarius specifically, but your friend will appreciate the gift wholeheartedly.

Everyone loves a relaxing massage when they come home. And this heated back massager providers the most comfortable feeling as you stick your back against it.

The cozy warmth of this massager will help her unwind the stress she had to go through throughout the day.

16Outdoor Camping Tent

This is going to be the most surprising gift ever for your Sagittarius friend. No one expects to receive an outdoor camping tent on their birthday or anniversary.

But why not take the risk of trying something unexpected?

After all, Sagittarians love adventurous life. They go out on hiking and camping trips anyway. This tent will provide your friend her own tent, so she doesn’t have to share someone else’s.

17Giraffe Trinket Box

This is the pick of the lot. It’s a unique gift and you won’t usually see it anywhere.

You may see small jewelry boxes with different designs, but this one tops everything. This Giraffe Trinket Box has black, brown, and gold enameled on it.

The enameled pewter has Australian crystals accented all over and has enough space to accommodate your friend’s earrings, rings, and small pieces of jewelry.

18Fast Cooker Instant Pot

Does your friend love to cook, but can’t spend too much time in the kitchen?

The Fast Cooker Instant Pot can instantly become her best friend as it cooks food in a jiffy (you see the impatience reference here?).

It is a combination of seven appliances, such as saute pan, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, warmer, slow cooker, and pressure cooker.

19Great Food Fast Recipe Book

You can either pair this book with the pressure fast cooker or gift this separately.

As you already know, Sagittarians don’t like to waste time. They are impatient.

And the Great Food Fast Recipe Book has recipes that your friend can make within a few minutes.

20Sagittarius Crystal Set

This is for the Sagittarian who loves to heal and balance out her chakra.

If your friend believes in spirituality and chakras, she would want to have the Sagittarius Crystal Set in her home. It has crystals on a wooden rack shaped in the form of a triangle.

The crystals are specifically for Sagittarians. It comes in a neat drawstring pouch so that she can keep the crystal set safely.

Gift Guide and Buying Tips

Buying Gifts for Those Under the Sign of the Archer

Just because it’s easy to find a gift for Sagittarians doesn’t mean you should take things lightly. You should keep the following factors in your mind while choosing a gift for your Sagittarius friend.

1. Choose colorful gifts

If a color is your gift’s primary factor, don’t hesitate to go for colorful options. Don’t select the standard colors like black or red. Sagittarians love colorful things. See what options are available before choosing one.

2. Figure out her taste in jewelry

Does she like bold jewelry? Or the simple ones with minimal design? Your surprise gift depends on the answers to these questions. Usually, Sagittarians prefer wearing sleek and stylish jewelry. This means your plans to give her the Sagittarius necklace or constellation ring will be successful.

3. Check what self-care products she uses

It is better to double-check the type of self-care products your friend uses before gifting her one. The shampoo mist and astrology soap are excellent as gifts, but make sure you get an idea if she loves such products. You can talk to her casually about the self-care products she is using now. That should give you hints if these gifts will impress her.

4. Talk about the trips she is planning next

Travel gifts are always welcome if you have a wanderlust Sagittarius friend. You can ask regarding her upcoming trips for the years, if she wants to go on a solo trip, the number of days she won’t be around, and what she wants to take to her trips. Buy the suitcase gift or camping tent according to her vacation plans.

Looking for more gift ideas for the Sagittarius in your life? Check out our list of Zodiac and Astrology Themed Gifts.

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