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20 Best Gifts For a Libra

Smart, sociable, charming, balanced, romantic – these are a few characteristics you would normally relate to a Libra. Born between September 23 and October 22, Venus rules Libras. Venus is the planet of pleasure, beauty, and love. That means your Libra friend would know about the latest fashion trends at least six months before you do. Now, with your Libra friend’s birthday around the corner, what is that gift that would make her say “WOW!” What is the gift that would bring a chink in her eyes? This list has everything covered.

1 The 6-Minute Diary

A Libra tries to find her inner calm. But she also wants to lead a balanced life.

Your Libra friend may not want to write everything she did throughout the day on a diary. It may give her inner peace, but she may not want to spend so much time on it. That doesn’t mean she won’t want to write down some of the meaningful things she did throughout the day.

This journal comes with a handful of prompts that take only six minutes to complete.

6 minutes every day to write down important things? You bet she will like the gift.

2Opal Ring

Opal is the birthstone of Libras.

And honestly, it’s one of the most beautiful gems in this world.

A ring with an opal stone right on top will make her jump with joy!

3Pour Homme L’Occitan Eau de Toilette

The mellow fragrance of lavender and burnt wood smells as if it’s a crispy October day, signifying the Libra factor.

Your Libra friend would want to use this perfume every day because of its sweet smell. It would remind her of October afternoons throughout the year.

4Indigo Mountains Art Print

As already mentioned, Libras have a keen appreciation for beauty.

They look for something to make their wall space look unique without disturbing the aesthetics of their home.

And this art print of indigo mountains would make her fall in love with it immediately.

5Zodiac Earrings

What’s better than to gift her sterling silver tiny stud earrings in the shape of the Libra zodiac?

She would literally drool over this gift as it would allow her to show off her zodiac pride. You get both gold plated and silver options for these earrings.

Gift her the one that you think she would love the most.

6Palm Leaf Clutch Bag

Libras love stylish items.

And the Palm Leaf Clutch Bag is something that she would least expect because it’s so unique.

If your friend loves handmade items, this bag will become her best friend. It comes with a small inner pocket she can keep her keys or a few coins before leaving.

7Cosmo’s Zodiac Sex: The Hottest Sex Positions for Every Astrological Sign

Want to surprise your friend by advising on the hottest sex positions for Libras?

Well, Cosmos’s Zodiac Sex is the ultimate guide. Tell her to open it cautiously. This book contains graphic content that may turn her on.

If you want to throw your friend off with a gift, go for this book.

8What Your Sign *Really* Means: The Libra Tote Bag

Your friend may know all about Libra, but others may not.

This Libra tote bag would be her perfect companion to tell everyone she is a Libra and what Libra means.

Its double-stitched seams make the bag durable. The cotton web handles and spun polyester make this bag stylish and unique.

9Room Mist, Chamomile Lavender

Home aesthetics is as important to Libras as their clothes and wall art.

This Room Mist, Chamomile Lavender, provides the ideal balance (something that Libras love) between the two fragrances.

The fragrance has a sweet combination of lavender, sage, smoky patchouli, eucalyptus, warm chamomile, and crisp bergamot.

10Beneath Your Mask Nourish Skin & Hair Serum

Any Libra would want a luxurious self-care product like this Nourish Skin and Hair Serum.

It is a multi-use serum supercharged with a potent mixture of essential oils and pure plant to provide new life to your hair and skin.

The pure ingredients in this serum contain Vitamins B, C, and E that hydrate your skin and keep it soft.

11Peugeot Bistro Salt & Pepper Mills

Do you think Libras keep their salt and pepper from the same box they come from?

Never! They always use a spice mill.

And honestly, your friend wouldn’t expect you to gift salt and pepper mills because it’s an unusual gift. The iconic shapes give these mills a feeling as if they belong to a restaurant or café, another small gift that can add to her home’s aesthetics.

12BrownButterBeauty Sugar Scrub

This is another luxurious self-care product that will keep your friend’s skin soft and supple.

Libras usually like to take care of their skin so that they look beautiful when they go out.

And what better way to look beautiful than having smooth skin!

13Eugenia Kim Reversible Sara Hat

According to Stardust, this is the ideal hat to wear during autumn.

Libras, being fashionistas, would appreciate this chic gift. Moreover, the reversible design means you are getting two styles in one.

That plays perfectly to a Libra’s inclination for balance.

14Olive & June OJSM

Olive & June OJSM’s trend-setting polishes prove that you don’t need to break the bank to come up with an awesome gift.

With caviar dreams and innate champagne wishes, your Libra bestie would simply adore the pink gold nail polish on her birthday.

If not pink gold, Olive & June has tons of other colors that you can explore. Each one looks beautiful and stylish.

15Rare Beauty Gratitude Dewy Lip Balm

Rare Beauty Gratitude Dewy Lip Balm covers every aspect that Libras want in a lip balm.

This lip balm has a nourishing, hydrating effect with a light to medium dose of color.

It doesn’t look too deep or too light with its dewy finish, thus providing the appropriate color-balance to her lips when she goes out.

16Heroine Sport Mixed Metal Face Mask Set

Face masks are now becoming the new normal after Covid-19. But why not spice things up with stylish masks that go with your friend’s style statement?

The Heroine Sport Mixed Metal Face Mask Set boasts of a moisture-wicking, breathable design with a gentle mesh lining and four-way stretch. ‘

A little eye makeup, along with one of these masks, would rock the dance floor!

17Floral Street Eau De Parfum

Libras are quite picky about the perfumes they choose, but they love floral scents and essences.

That shouldn’t dishearten you from gifting the Floral Street Neon Rose Eau De Parfum.

According to Stardust, this perfume has an intoxicating rose fragrance that allows Libras to drift off to a lovely daydream and take a sneak peek into their sensual vibes.

18Voluspa Mini Tin Candles, Set of 3

Peace, serenity, calm – Libras love these characteristics. And the Voluspa Mini Tin Candles, Set of 3, is a combination of the trio.

These harmonious candles in charmingly designed votives not only look beautiful but also provide a sweet fragrance.

There are three flavors: Gilt Pomander & Hinoki, emitting a balanced fragrance of holly berries, hinoki warm heart and hearth, and cardamom, Japanese Plum Bloom with a scent of ripe plum fruit, crushed currants, and plum bloom petals and leaves, and lastly, Persimmon & Copal, containing a fragrance of lychee flower, fresh red copal, and Japanese persimmon.

19Tenswall Essential Oil Diffuser

Libras crave tranquility and an inner sense of peace.

That’s why the Tenswall Essential Oil Diffuser is the ideal gift to help them find their zen. This essential oil diffuser can bring her much-need calm and relaxation when she returns home.

It has 7 LED lights that she can change according to her mood.

20Handwoven Round Rattan Bag

Libras like to be trendsetters. And the Handwoven Round Rattan Bag is the perfect gift to set that trend this year.

She can pair this bag with her casual weekend dress or deck up and hit the dance floor on a Saturday night.

The simple design makes this bag look unique; something that your friend would appreciate as soon as she gets her hands on this gift.

Gift Guide and Buying Tips

Buying Gifts for Those Under the Sign of the Scales

Libras are excellent peacekeepers, listeners, and romantic. Their diverse characteristics make it difficult to pick a gift for them. They are relationship-oriented and value their family and friends above everyone else.

But how should you pick a gift that your friend would love instantly? Here are a few tips you can keep in mind.

1. Take hints from her conversations

Try to take hints while talking to her. Observe what she says regarding her fashion style or the self-care products she wants to use. Libras are good listeners. You also should rack up your listening skills if you want to surprise your friend with a unique gift.

2. Understand her aesthetics

How does your friend decorate her home? Is there are specific pattern or she keeps random objects anywhere she wants? It’s most unlikely that a Libra would fall in the second category. If you want to gift her something that would make her home look beautiful, pay attention to her aesthetic sense. This should give you an idea about the types of gifts she would love. Essential oil diffusers and scented candles, for example, can be excellent to match her aesthetics.

3. Be practical

Gift her something that she can use. A self-care product or handbag may seem like a common gift, but she would at least use them.

4. Customize or personalize

Customized or personalized gifts are more popular now than ever. If you don’t want to risk buying a gift that would not match her style statement or her aesthetics, you can pick a personalized gift like a tote bag or zodiac earrings. These not only speak volumes of your choice but also provide you with options if you feel confused with other gifts.

5. Get personal

A diary or journal can become a personal gift that she can fall back to at the end of the day. She can write about whatever she wants. It’s her window where she can express anything and later reminisce on them, thinking of good and bad times.

Need a few more gift ideas for the Libra in your life? Check out our list of Zodiac and Horoscope inspired gifts.

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