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20 Best Gifts for a Leo

Mark the dates – July 23 to August 24. That’s the period for Leos. These charming and indulgent guys love good gifts (duh! Who doesn’t!). But instead of sticking to some of the most common gifts, why not surprise your Leo friend with something unexpected? Leos are ruled by the sun. They feel like celebs (they really do) and love luxury. Leos are also the most stubborn and have a clear idea of what they want. As horoscope experts say, Leos were born to be in the spotlight. Therefore, make sure you treat your friend as an A-lister while selecting their gifts.

1 Luxury Towel Warmer

Leos often spoil themselves with luxurious items. This makes it difficult for anyone to select a gift for them.

But this Large Luxury Towel Warmer oozes with luxury.

This ultra-large insulated plastic bucket will allow her not just to warm her towel but also blankets, pajamas, and robes.

2Volupsa Goji & Tarocco Orange Large Glass Jar Candle

Leos want to burn bright like the sun, their planetary ruler.

The Volupsa Goji & Tarocco Orange Large Glass Jar Candle is the ideal gift if you don’t want to break the bank yet make your Leo friend happy. Its sensual red candle smells like mango, orange, and berries.

Your friend can light it beside her table and turn on her sensuous mode.

3Light Denim Bucket Hat

Leos love statement pieces. And The Bucket, Light Denim is just the piece of the puzzle that may complete her style statement.

She will make jaws drop, and heads turn when she sports this bucket hat with casual clothes.

42019 Chop Shop® Cabernet Sauvignon

Lighthearted and unconventional – Leos love these characteristics. And the 2019 Chop Shop® Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect combination of those two.

Your Leo friend would give you a giant bear hug when she sees a bucket with four wine bottles, and that too from Minervois, France. After all, who doesn’t like red wine!

5Farmer’s Market Hot Sauce

Remember when you read that Leo has a fire sign?

Well, the Farmer’s Market Hot Sauce is something that will spice up her life. Made from handpicked ingredients, this hot pack of hot sauce adds strong floral and citrus notes to the heat of powerful pepper.

The aromatic flavor is just too good to resist!

6ROSEN Skincare Earth Cream Mask

There is no doubt that Leos feel like celebs. And they develop a habit of pampering themselves often.

The ROSEN Skincare Earth Cream Mask is the gift that your friend may think of buying next. Gift this cream mask, and she would feel ecstatic!

It consists of eucalyptus oil, zinc oxide, and earth clay to keep her skin smooth, soft, and supple.

7Belen Pump in Curcuma

You need the Sherlock Holmes in you to come out for this one. Investigate what shoe size your friend wears before buying the Belen Pump in Curcuma.

These bright yellow pumps would grab the attention of passersby and make your friend feel like a celebrity.

Talk about relatable gifts, eh!

8Xuanjia Aromatic Essential Oil Diffuser

Leos have a habit of keeping their homes neat and tidy.

Their aesthetic sense is way ahead of people of other zodiac signs. And that makes the Xuanjia Aromatic Essential Oil Diffuser the ideal gift for your friend. The sweet fragrance throughout the house provides majestic vibes.

The ultrasonic vibration technology disperses essential oils efficiently to create a sensual atmosphere.

9Fujifilm Instax Mini 7+ Camera

Leos love people to take their pictures.

And what’s better than taking pictures and getting Polaroid prints immediately! Well, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7+ Camera is THE gift for your travel-loving Leo friend.

She can click as many pictures as she wants and hang them on her wall in her room.

10Long-Distance Friendship Lamp

It’s sad when you can’t make it to your friend’s birthday.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t surprise her with a gift that will remind her about you all the time.

The wooden Long-Distance Friendship Lamp glows as soon as you touch it. You can gift this lamp and keep one for yourself. Assign colors for your friend, and she can assign yours. It’s the “thinking of you” feeling that will blow her away.

11Leo Coffee Mug

Want to bring a smile to your friend’s face every time she has a cup of coffee?

This Leo Coffee Mug will do justice to your thoughts. It has that fierce lion sign that you so often associate with Leos.

Moreover, the mug also has a constellation design, making the coffee mug look unique.

12Wide Knot Headband

Leos are popular for their big manes of hair.

Hence, a bright and flashy headband is the perfect accessory to their casual clothes. This Wide Knot Headband looks smart, bright, and stylish.

She may well become the trendsetter once she goes out wearing this headband.

13Astrology Coin Necklace

This is a gorgeous little necklace with the gold coin containing the Leo constellation. The sign honors Leo’s kind and charming nature.

There’s no doubt that your friend would love to wear this necklace all the time. After all, who doesn’t like to keep their lucky stars close to their hearts!

14Leo Sticker

A Leo will try to show off her zodiac sign as much as possible – whether through a tattoo or pendant.

But why not take it to the next level and gift her a Leo sticker.

This Leo sticker is so big that she can use it on her laptop, water bottle, or door. The vintage logo looks sassy and immediately sends out the message to treat your friend kindly and respectfully.

15Homesick Candles Beach Cottage Candle

Leos inspire others, but they also like to feel good about themselves.

The Homesick Candles Beach Cottage Candle will allow them to drift off to sleep as they soak in their bathtub. The fragrance of salty ocean air, seaweed, conch shells, and driftwood will remind her of the romantic vacation on her favorite beachside destination.

These candles have bergamot and sandalwood top notes, plumeria, marine, musk middle notes, and tonka bean, amber, sea air base notes.

16Vintage Lion Fringe Chain Pendant Brooch

A brooch with Leo’s lion sign? Why not!

The Vintage Lion Fringe Chain Pendant Brooch works both as a brooch and pendant. It’s the mane sign that matters for Leos. She will wear this with pride!

The golden color is also a sign of royalty that you can associate with Leos.

17Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

Popular for their Golden Fleece, Leos love everything with gold.

The Birkenstock Arizona Sandals in metallic faux leather will make her dazzle.

But make sure you put on your Sherlock Holmes hat again to find the right shoe size. You wouldn’t want to end up exchanging the sandals later.

18Eralove Women Rose Flower Headband

The traditional birthday tiara is quite common.

And Leos are trendsetters, not trend followers. Therefore, gift the Eralove Women Rose Flower Headband with a bohemian flower crown.

It looks absolutely gorgeous. And it will suit your Leo friend too because Leos are the jungle’s rulers.

19UO Padlock Chain Necklace

Is your Leo friend your BFF? If yes, then there’s nothing better to gift her than the UO Padlock Chain Necklace.

According to Stardust, this gift belongs to BFFs. It holds the key to your heart that your Leo friend rules.

It is available in both gold and silver. Pick gold as Leos prefer gold over any other color.

20Custom Multi Pisa Bracelet

Jewelry and Leo? It’s the best combination that exists in zodiac signs.

In fact, gifting jewelry is the safest because you know your friend will like it.

And the Custom Multi Pisa Bracelet is worth every penny you spend. It is adorable, especially when you customize her name on it.

Gift Guide and Buying Tips

Buying Gifts for Those Under the Sign of the Lion

Leos are passionate, generous, creative, cheerful, humorous, and warm-hearted. They are born leaders. Their dominant, self-confident, strong-headed, and dramatic nature makes it difficult to figure out the ideal gift for them.

Experts believe they like pampering and feel like a celebrity. And what gifts can you give to a celeb? That’s a head-scratcher right there!

But the following tips will help you pick the right gift if you pay a little attention to your friend’s taste:

1. Notice what she usually wears

Leos like to set trends for everyone. You will notice that their style statement is way different from others. Even simple clothes look as if they are tailor-made for them. You should keep a close eye on what your friend wears if you plan to gift her accessories like a brooch or headband. In fact, instead of focusing on her clothes, you should also check the type of shoes and jewelry she wears. This should give you enough hints whether the gift you have in mind would make her happy.

2. Observe her décor preference

While scented candles and essential oil diffusers are not the typical décor items, you think of, but they can add to your friend’s home’s aesthetics. Look around her house to note how she arranges everything. Leos prefer to keep things tidy. And candles and essential oil diffusers can be welcome gifts to create a soothing atmosphere in the house.

3. Splurging on self-care products

Does your friend spend significantly on self-care products? Did she mention that she would buy a specific brand’s cream mask or lotion soon? You can beat her to the queue and gift her the luxurious self-care product she had planned to buy. That would throw her back because she wouldn’t expect you would give her what she secretly wanted to buy for herself.

4. Customize the gift

Like jewelry, customized gifts are also the safest option for Leos. If you can’t think of anything that would surprise your Leo friend, go for a customized bracelet. Leos have a soft corner for jewelry. And if you customize the jewelry, it would be the best gift your friend ever got. She would never forget it!

5. Pay attention to her desires

You should take hints from your friend’s conversations regarding the things she wants to buy soon. This can be anything like clothes, accessories, self-care products, or shoes. They give you a wide range of options to choose from.

Looking for more gift ideas for the Leo in your life? Check out our other Zodiac themed gift ideas.

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